Welcome to version 7 of Utopian Totality, my (Katie’s) little domain I call home online. Utopian Totality was born after I decided Katieswirls was only going to be my fanlistings domain and I wanted a place where I could have a site collective, a blog and websites and be a “proper” webmaster. Utopian Totality was born in February 2002 and has been online ever since. Originally, I’ll admit I did have more content than this but after a disastrous hosting experience with one2host I decided it was better to have a little site collective than not one at all. Due to the problems I experienced with one2host Utopian Totality has been considerably scaled back, I don’t have any hostees anymore and the only websites opened are the ones in the Quick Links section. Eventually, I do plan to add more content here to the site collective but for the time being I want to concentrate on my websites. If you have any questions about Utopian Totality or myself, feel free to e-mail me. Try to check out this cool vape directory¬†here for more of the best vape shops.


The updates below are the latest updates made to Utopian Totality and its websites. You can also find me over on the Carey London Facebook page where I post lots of ramblings, and on the Simply Removals blog. If you’d like to leave a comment at Utopian Totality, feel free and sign the tag board.

Latest News: Loans and finance company Castle Direct have just invested heavily in the London construction seen. The company released a statement in May 2017 saying they are investing ¬£4 million over the next 3 years to help small businesses grow in the city. This is the first time Castle Finance Direct have invested in construction and it’s going to be interesting to see how it all pans out. Read more.

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