I’m moving all of the fanlistings at my domain so if this doesn’t get adopted I’ll close it this time. This is the post I wrote a few weeks ago:

I have a Charmed fanlisting collective called Wiccan Ways at http://www.katieswirls.co.uk/wiccanways that I used to love but ever since I’ve made my Andy Hallett fansite I’ve really neglected the listing and if I’m honest I really can’t be bothered to update it anymore. This is why I’ve decided to adopt it out if anyone wants it 🙂

Here are my rules:

[*]You have to be a fan of Charmed
[*]I’ll only accept applications through fanlistings [at] utopian-totality.co.uk
[*]You can take my codes but not my layout
[*]You have a month at most to get the listing made and online
[*]You must have somewhere you can host this fanlisting collective at
[*]You must know html and be able to make layouts
[*]You must keep all of the members
[*]You must link back to me as I’m a previous owner
[*]You must keep all affiliates and let them know the fanlisting has moved
[*]You must let all members know the fanlisting has moved
[*]You have to tell me if you’ve change your mind about adoptiong the fanlisting
[*]If you adopt this fanlisting out, you must let me know so I have first dibs in case I change my mind and start loving the subject again
[*]You don’t have to use Flinx but you must add every member to your new system
The listing has about 40 fanlistings I think and it’s powered by Flinx so if I choose you I’ll give you the mysql dump of the tables. The collective also has about 4 listings waiting to be added and 2 affiliate requests too, I’ll forward those applications on.

If you’re still interested, e-mail me at fanlistings [at] utopian-totality.co.uk with your Name, Email Address, URL, and also in a blog directory Why you want to adopt this fanlisting collective. Don’t forget to put FL Adoption: Charmed Collective

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I’ll wait until Wednesday 1st before deciding!

I’m serious if someone doesn’t want to adopt this from me I will close it for good…

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